Media Mix Measurement & Optimization: Part 4 - Optimizing Media Investments

With the advent of big data, media mix measurement and optimization has become a required staple in the marketer’s toolbox. Effectively media mix measurement and optimization is comprised of seven elements:

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Marketing Systems Integrators

Marketing technology providers talk a big game about integration but few live up to the hype. More often than not, the addition of a new marketing technology to an existing program creates a new silo – a repository of data that does not flow freely within an organization but remains stagnant within a single piece of technology. But, much like kindergarteners, marketing technologies need to be taught to play well together and to share.

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Coffee Talk: Zen and the Art of Attribution

“Attribution—the practice of assigning credit to any advertising- or marketing-driven interaction or other brand-imposed touchpoint—is essential for marketers looking to plan and optimize media channels in this increasingly fragmented, digitally driven world.” – Lauren Fisher

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Solving the Attribution Marketing Puzzle


On the way to a conversion or purchase, customers typically interact with multiple touchpoints that are pieces of the marketing puzzle. Customers may encounter a display ad, receive a mobile push notification for a sale at a local store, or research products on your website. All of these interactions play a different role in the customer’s decision-making process.

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The Black Hole of Direct Attribution


Marketing attribution, the process of identifying the “touches” that led to a sale, has never been more popular. Now, with social media marketing playing an ever-increasing role in marketing campaigns, companies are scrambling to trace the dollars spent on campaigns to specific sales. How many widgets did that tweet sell?

It always surprises me when I encounter a marketer who uses direct, singular attribution as the core of their marketing analytics. Don’t get me wrong; I understand the allure.

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