Analytics and Strategy

A Fundamental Shift in Marketing Approach

Find the largest audience; buy the broadest reach media. So went the old mass advertising adage. Next, direct marketing preached promotion only to those most likely to respond. Smarter marketers learned that more offers meant wider reach – more ways to connect. However, with only blunt management tools, the concept collapsed under complexity.Analytics Health Check:  You don't need more metrics. You need the right metrics. Click Here.

At Pluris, we’ve evolved the approach, applying science and technology to engage large numbers of consumers individually with specific offers and improve conversion. We understand that more is better in consumer marketing – more offers, more relevance, more satisfied consumers, more sales.

Tap into our Know How, Experience our Proven Methods

We have developed enabling technologies that manage thousands of offer combinations, with the know how to implement them effectively in your business. Our team understands that innovative marketing strategy is grounded in sound consumer insights and execution in solid sales, marketing, and customer service processes. For multi-division, multi-product organizations, careful coordination of resources, tactics, and measurement is critical.

We begin with ground-level macro and tactical analysis to identify objectives and constraints. Our statisticians and analysts apply advanced techniques to an organization’s consumer engagement data. We collect relevant operational, marketing, and competitive information, consumer demographics, geography, and buying patterns to gain deeper consumer insight.

Analyze, Synthesize, and Act

New Call-to-action Through dimensional analysis, linear programming, and logistics progression, we customize and segment to minute detail, using predictive modeling to develop individualized contact strategies that align the offer mix. The result is consistency, coordination, and organizational efficiency, with enhanced control of messaging, marketing tactics, and media budgets.

At Pluris, we understand the science and action of successful marketing. Solid preparation plus opportunity equals conversion. We’ve replaced complexity with sophistication to enable better consumer engagement. Let us apply our expertise to articulate your strategy, develop analytics, and align organizational processes to achieve better results.