Competition is Everywhere

Choice creates competition – so it’s no surprise the battle for consumer attention is more intense than ever. Multiple sources for high-speed data, video, telephony, and mobile service have communications companies scrambling to identify the bundle, price, market, and message that will win each consumer’s business.

New entrants continue to deliver on-demand, non-linear content of greater and greater quality in more convenient ways. More options has led to more content consumption by consumers, who once locked onto their preferred sources, are difficult for marketers to switch. How do communications rivals gain an advantage? Win market or consumer share? Keep marketing costs down and increase retention?

At Pluris, we have the answers you’ve been seeking.

Optimize the Value of Each Consumer Engagement

By the nature of Media & Communications products and services, consumers interact with providers with great frequency. In fact, consumers initiate interactions with brands more often than the brand.

We use sophisticated data and analytics technologies to aggregate data from these interactions, enhance it, make decisions, and drive meaningful insights back to each touch point. The result? Better preparation drives more value out of each consumer engagement.

Create real bottom line value, fast

Most important, our Media and Communications solutions are fast to implement, quick to return value, and easy to quantify. We support more than a thousand users moving data quickly between systems to make each consumer touch more efficient.

Our simple integration methods minimize the impact on IT organizations and make it possible to begin returning value within just 45 days.

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