Do more with less

More competition, less foot traffic, and careful spending rule the day in Retail. With profits squeezed, marketing dollars are precious. How do retailers spend less and produce more?

Simple, we motivate your consumer. At Pluris, we help multi-channel retailers drive consumers from offer to order channels with greater intent and purpose. By engaging consumers with more relevant, more meaningful, communication, we convert more sales per retail footstep, web visit, email, or direct mail piece. 

We Create Relevance through Research

We don’t just use data to target consumers for promotion. At Pluris, we go further. By applying sophisticated analytics to data aggregated from online and purchase behavior, product affinities, channel and media preferences, price thresholds, brand preferences, and more, we discover how to make your offering more relevant to consumers. And relevance drives conversion.

Optimal Contact Strategies. Optimal Results.

But presenting consumers with the optimal offer is only half the equation. Optimizing your contact strategy for profitability requires reaching consumers when and where they want, through a combination of lower-cost, better focused traditional and digital media. Attributing demand from points-of-purchase to the various media that expedited the transaction is critical to creating optimal contact strategy and media budget. We help you understand the relationship between media and response to develop a custom contact strategy for each consumer, providing the right offer in the most productive, profitable, way possible.

After all, maximizing the productivity of each marketing dollar is what it’s all about in today’s retail environment.

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