About Pluris Marketing

Optimizing the Value of Each Consumer Engagement

Consumers Initiate the Conversation. Are You Ready to Engage?

Today’s consumers have their preferred brands at their fingertips with a phone call, text, or Web chat. Due to the rapid advance of digital and social media and messaging, dialogue between consumers and their preferred brands is now predominately consumer generated.

Heightened consumer control places tremendous responsibility on the brand to engage each consumer with meaningful dialogue across all potential touch points. At Pluris, we ensure that your sales and marketing organization is fully prepared for more directed consumer interaction.

Expand Audience Relevance with Minimal Incremental Marketing Expense

Did you know a consumer care center could deliver a 1600% marketing ROI by engaging consumers more meaningfully? When consumers place phone calls, initiate chat, use natural search, and short code, they create sales and marketing opportunities free of incremental expense.

Since modeling replaced RFM analysis, we have modeled to exclude people from promotion to meet an advertising budget. But today is a new day. In a dramatic reversal, we now model to align all elements of the offer mix – product and service bundles, price points, and messaging – and to create relevance for each individual.

Our Vision Improves Marketing Effectiveness

At Pluris, we enable marketers to optimize the value of each consumer engagement – anywhere and as it happens – resulting in higher conversion on sales, marketing, and service interactions. We help marketers to better understand consumers, generate key insights from their behavior, and engage them in the most effective way across traditional and interactive messaging channels.

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