Financial Services

Are you making the right offer?

A large portfolio of products and services—credit cards, loans, mortgages, wealth management, insurance products—in tandem with an expanding number of channels—has created both confusion and opportunity for financial services marketers. What is the right offer for any given consumer? What is the best way to allocate my sales and marketing dollars to reach them?

At Pluris, we help marketers engage consumers in a more prepared, more relevant manner through effective offer management. We develop optimal contact strategies that blend appropriate media and channels to communicate the most meaningful offer to each individual—at the time and place of their choosing.

We Provide Effective Contact Strategies

We utilize dynamic metrics that help financial institutions better understand consumers, segment the data, and determine the single most effective message. Next, we investigate all elements of the offer mix—product and service bundles, price points, competition, messaging, and channels to efficiently manage offer development and devise the most applicable and timely contact strategy—usually weaving together traditional and digital media and better preparing your front-line staff to engage each consumer.

And Achieve Higher Conversion

Whether the call center, email, SMS, Web, or other digital messaging platform, we optimize the way in which financial companies engage consumers. As a result, we create order for consumers, drive cross-selling, make better offers, direct essential marketing spending, and increase conversion—with minimal incremental marketing expense.

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