Marketing Enablement

We Enable the Sales and Marketing Process

Enabling marketing, making it more effective, in this consumer-driven, on-demand, age of digital and interactive media requires exceptionally agile data and analytics platforms. At Pluris, our Consumer Engagement Architecture is exactly that – a platform that enables us to quickly source, aggregate, and transform data, decision on it, and drive actionable insights back to points of consumer engagement that create competitive advantage. 

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We apply advanced Consumer Data Integration (CDI) techniques to instantly aggregate attributes from hundreds of sources to create the most complete view of a consumer. Similarly, we use web-services, as well as other simple, highly secure, methods to swiftly migrate data across systems that will make the greatest impact on your sales and marketing efforts.

Simple Integration Means Rapid “Speed-to-Value”

We recognize that efficiency of value realization and risk management are critical to the success of any consumer sales, marketing, or service initiative. We use simple integration techniques that leverage the majority of existing infrastructures to minimize capital investment expense and impact on busy IT organizations.

The Scale to Support Large Marketing Organizations

At Pluris, we provide more than a thousand marketers with best-in-class Campaign Management, Marketing Resources Management, Business Intelligence, and other Analytical and Optimization tools. We are highly experienced in scaling technology solutions and support services to meet the diverse needs of large sales and marketing organizations spread across multiple locations and lines of business.