Offer Management

Pluris’ Offer Optimization is an SAAS based Offer Management platform that can be incorporated into a single channel or multiple DR channels.

The MORETM (Marketing Optimization and Recommendation Engine) technology mathematically aligns Offer Dimensions with Consumer Dimensions allowing for analytically driven, dynamic promotional capabilities.

We allow marketers to:

  • Customize “Offers” not just feature products and discountsCustomer Engagement   Health Check:    Are you as engaging    as you think you are? Click Here
  • Align “Offers” to “Consumers” at an individual level
  • Manage incentives and promotions to profit and volume goals
  • Incorporate behavioral data to guide Offer presentment
  • Distribute offers across multiple channels
  • Prioritize offers, in order to better manage campaign objectives and the marketplace

Offer Optimization delivers ROI

In the Contact Center, embedding rich data and analytics has enabled Sales and Care agents to effectively sell 20x more offers—leading to 30-to-100-percent gains in conversion.

On the web, better coordination of offer presentment translates to delivery of more personalized content and messaging for each person. It’s no surprise then that applying greater relevance to email lifts performance across every metric.

While the average modeling company considers a two-tenths-of-one-percent lift in response a win, Pluris regularly achieves ROI up to 1,600 percent.

Best of all, we offer it all as a service, part of our commitment to ensuring you achieve results.

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