Less Eggnog and Other, More Important Holiday Marketing Lessons

We’re finally far enough away from the holiday season to take a good look back at what worked and to catch a glimpse of where we’ll go from here. And now we’re seeing retailers making big shifts for the new year, further illustrating the importance of going back to basics.

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Retail Dive Awards

Every year, I look forward to the Retail Dive Awards. This year, Corinne Ruff put together some great categories that sparked a lot of water cooler talk among the Pluris team. While all the categories are discussion-worthy (you can see them here), a few really stood out.

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Build a Customer Roster Like You’re Playing Fantasy Football

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), 57.4 million people in the US and Canada played fantasy sports in 2015. Participation is skyrocketing, year-over-year. Fantasy football lets sports fans build super-powered team rosters by picking their favorite players or strategically combining players to win in their Fantasy Football leagues. 

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Average Order Value Matters… Sometimes.

Recently, we spoke about the importance of Increasing Customer Lifetime Value. By optimizing offers for each targeted customer segment, you can improve the conversion rates for your best customers and increase their engagement and purchases.

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Marketing During the Rise of Ad Blockers

A war is being waged against pop-up ads. According to Tech Crunch, a single type of ad blocking software, AdBlock Plus, has already been downloaded almost a billion times.

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Trends To Watch In 2016

We’ve officially kicked off the holiday shopping season, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us. It’s a crucial time of year when marketers need to keep eyes on their current campaigns and ears to the ground for what’s coming next. 2015 saw marketers focused on the customer experience, while customers have been focused on decluttering. Everyone is still trying to find the sweet spot where the customer experience feels simple and seamless. So what’s on the horizon for 2016?

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Standing Out Doesn't Have To Be Disruptive

For so long, the phrase “without disruption” has been used in the same breath as things like quality time, concentration, relaxation, and so on. Vacation getaways, study time, spa days, date night, etcetera are all arguably better when you’re not disrupted. But in a culture where we are constantly seeking reprieve from disruptions, many brands are committed to delivering just the opposite.

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Who is responsible for customer experiences?

Stop ten people on the street – or better yet, take to Twitter – and it’s easy to see that everyone can recall some kind of bad customer experience. Whether it’s an airline canceling a flight and giving you a sub-par make-good, an unfriendly salesperson in the store, or a promotion that didn’t line up with the ad, we’ve all suffered the short end of poor customer care.

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Are retail stores really dead?


Marketers are spending a ton of time looking at data and its digital ecosystem to better understand their customers. Mobile – and SMS, as an extension – are huge priorities, challenging marketers to think strategically about communications, push notifications and threading consistent offers throughout.

So what can be said of retail when it comes to the good old-fashioned brick and mortar?

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The Dangerous Trap of the Chief Digital Officer: Two Job Concepts, One Title

CDO’s come on one of two breeds: the kind that wall off mobile and web from the rest of the organization or the kind that embrace both consistent messaging and the two-way sharing of data.

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