Mark Voboril

Chief Strategy Officer

MV_Headshot An accomplished marketing executive, Mark Voboril brings two decades of hands-on marketing, media, and communications experience to his role as the leader of the company’s Services Practice for Strategy, Analytics, and Optimization.

A visionary thinker, with a distinguished marketing career, Mark has developed and managed many successful implementations of sophisticated multimedia marketing initiatives for major corporations in the communications industry. His research in analytically-based Offer management and optimization techniques has enabled Pluris clients to realize dramatic gains in conversion on consumer engagements often resulting in $10 to $30 million profitability gains on sales, marketing, and customer service programs.

Mark has extensive experience in customer loyalty, database marketing, market research, ethnic marketing, competitive intelligence, product management and marketing of bundled services, as well as strategic planning. He is primarily responsible for development of customized segmentation that results in identification of targeted strategic platforms for clients, audiences, and optimization of the offer mix to improve conversion on media spending at the individual level.

As a vice president of marketing for AT&T Broadband (now Comcast), he established the company’s customer relationship management system and directed its on-line strategy and marketing efforts. Prior to joining AT&T Broadband, Mr. Voboril held numerous marketing leadership positions at MediaOne, US West Media Group, and Sprint.

Mark holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska.