Hiring a CMO

It’s quite a time to be, or hire, a CMO. As the consumer takes a more active role in driving the relationship, the CMO role is getting more complicated. This dynamic, coupled with technology changes and the resulting CMO role changes, is making hiring and integrating the CMO into the C-suite a significant challenge.

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Packing for Summer

As the season warms up and I’m planning my summer activities, I remember summers camping with my family. When I was a kid, my dad traded some work for an old pop-up trailer. On weekends, we’d pack up and head to one of the destinations picked for that year, typically on the east coast.

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Actually Useful Quotes About Leadership

These days, it seems like everyone has a quote or a meme about good leadership at his or her fingertips. It’s the burden of our times that everyone thinks they know just enough about too many topics. Leadership is hard and it takes most of us a lifetime to feel like we’re doing it anywhere close to right.

It’s rare for me to find quotes about leadership that I find particular value in, not because I don’t want to learn but because there is way too much nonsense out there.

Jim Stengel’s (@JimStengel) recent article for Forbes, “10 Unforgettable Quotes from Successful Former P&G Leaders,” was a great example of the right way to present these types of quotes. Provide context for their validity – actually attribute the quote to the person who said it and highlight their bona fides.

While I can’t say I’m going to remember all 10, a few really stuck out to me.

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