5 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask About Their Program Health

There are many questions we ask ourselves as marketers ever day. "Am I going to hit my numbers this quarter?" "Will the new campaign be a success?" "Whose sandwich is that in the fridge?" But when we're looking at the health of our programs, there are five key questions we should always ask ourselves. These five questions will help us prioritize our daily workload and maintain our competitive advantages. 

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I’m Feeling Fatigued: Managing Diminishing Marketing ROI

As marketers, we consider fatigue in two ways.

Definition:  A declining opinion of a company due to being overexposed to unwanted marketing efforts from that company.
Definition (2): The declining value of a marketing investment over time, based on frequency.

While the cadence with which you contact your customers is critical to maintaining a good relationship with them, today we’re going to focus on the second definition.

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4 Reasons Why Marketers Are Failing at Analytics


The promise of marketing analytics has long been surrounded by a haze of suspicion and poor execution. Too good to be true, too dismissive of the marketer’s intuition, analytics seem to some to be an expensive solution to a problem marketers do not think they have. Even for those marketers that understand the value of this technology, analytics often fail to meet their expectations. But why? We took a look in this infographic and discuss solutions below.

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Market Better: Every Interaction, Every Time

Your customer walks in to the store to purchase a widget. Two scenarios could happen:

Scenario 1

The customer walks up to the register and the associate asks if they were able to find everything they were looking for. The customer says yes, pays and leaves.


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Make Your Data Get a Job

Marketers have the opportunity to make smarter, better informed, more strategic decisions about the way they do business and allocate their budgets. That opportunity is a real one and it already exists as untapped potential within their organizations. Their data needs to start meaningfully contributing to the bottom line. Marketing data needs to get a job.

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Supplementing Relevance Engines with Real Life Advantages

Within a few short years the retail experience has gone from walking in a store or maybe ordering via catalog to ordering products by just thinking about them. Ok, I’m exaggerating – but not by much.

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Couponers (and Marketers) Beware

The daily deal extravaganza may have finally met a plateau but online coupons are still alive and (sometimes) well. With the proliferation of digital couponing, new branches are developing, particularly aggregators like RetailMeNot.com. So as marketers are building discount strategies, consumers are able to arm themselves with more information, broader access and targeted finds.

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Taking Hold of Sneaky Data to Move Margins

Sometimes, the stones unturned are under your feet. At this very moment, in boardrooms and break rooms, bar rooms and conferences around the world, marketers are debating, head-scratching and feverishly researching how—with all the millions of bits of data possible—to deliver a more relevant marketing offer, deepen the customer connections and ultimately, generate more revenue. And of those many who are feverishly implementing new systems, employing new marketing technologies and wrestling with massive math equations to make the system hum, many are overlooking the basic data sets right under their noses that could change the entire equation. D’oh!

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Segmenting, Drones and Other Lessons from Bezos

Amazon has done more than a few ‘favors’ for marketers. For one, it has helped consumers learn to be accustomed to, and expect relevant shopping recommendations. It has taken the pain away from many an online purchase experience. And recently on 60 Minutes, Bezos has given marketers more to think about: drone delivery services. As a marketer, I had to stop and think about the reasoning for that nationally televised idea balloon, and that’s where the story really gets interesting.

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Managing Data: A Lesson in Predictability

"Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future." –from Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

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