The Dangerous Trap of the Chief Digital Officer: Two Job Concepts, One Title

CDO’s come on one of two breeds: the kind that wall off mobile and web from the rest of the organization or the kind that embrace both consistent messaging and the two-way sharing of data.

So the question is, what then is the responsibility of the Chief Digital Officer? Is it simply a transition to add digital? Is it a focus only on digital delivery and digital properties without more than a passing concern to the rest of the brand? Or could the Chief Digital Officer be poised to affect profound change within their organization?

I wrote an article about this for MediaPost - you can find it HERE.

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Michael Caccavale

Michael Caccavale

As the leader of Pluris, CEO Michael Caccavale is the innovator and forward-thinker behind the company’s marketing enablement, analytic and optimization solutions.

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