Personalized Content is Something Consumers Want, but there is a Fine Line…

Mobile Marketer recently covered an interesting GfK MRI panel study-that shows the majority of tablet consumers want personalized ads- and the ability to buy products they are interested directly.
“Seventy percent of tablet magazine readers wish that digital magazines included tailored advertising, showing the need for more personalized experiences, according to research from GfK MRI iPanel.”

This is quite consistent with my own desires as a consumer – I want to know about things that are relevant to me and designed for me. And, I am willing to give companies that I trust access to my data to get that personalization. However, this can go too far. I do not want to be behaviorally retargeted with products that I viewed on unrelated web sites to the particular site I am on at any point in time. That’s just too creepy. However, when I feel that brands are making an effort to provide content tailored for me, it makes me feel good about them.
This also brings up an interesting paradox for brand marketers—on the one hand, consumers want more relevant experiences, on the other hand, they enjoy the anonymity of their consumer lifestyles and don’t want to feel stalked. In essence, we want it both ways. Many marketers struggle with how to draw and walk that fine line between relevance and abuse of personalized data.
What many marketers fail to realize is that through advanced statistical analysis, persona development and a true commitment to creating and distributing content (marketing messages) based on the attributes of a consumer , then consumers can in fact, have it both ways.
Because persona development is simply clustering behaviors and affinities of consumers into customer segments, marketing content is far more likely to be relevant and timely and tailored to the channel in which the message is delivered. Brands that recognize this can show a consumer—“we are here to satisfy your wants and needs”- without saying “we are watching your every move.”
As people move increasingly towards self-selected content experiences via mobile, tablets and the web, there is an opportunity for brands to answer that demand for a more relevant experience without going too far.
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