5 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask About Their Program Health


There are many questions we ask ourselves as marketers ever day. "Am I going to hit my numbers this quarter?" "Will the new campaign be a success?" "Whose sandwich is that in the fridge?" But when we're looking at the health of our programs, there are five key questions we should always ask ourselves. These five questions will help us prioritize our daily workload and maintain our competitive advantages. 

Am I targeting the right people? 

What does your segmentation look like? Understanding who your customers are - and predicting their needs - is critical for the health of your marketing program. You need to know who your customers are - and have them grouped into appropriate segments by needs and preferences. 

With the right message? 

Once you know who you need to target, you need to make sure you're targeting them with the correct messaging. Your customer segments should feed into your messaging strategy. Each segment will have different promotion and cadence needs and understanding deeply how those segments are broken down will enable you to send the best possible message, every time. 

Am I succeeding in driving revenue or brand engagement? 

Many marketers struggle with balancing the needs of revenue growth and emerging brand engagement opportunities. However you strike that balance, you need to recognize that each is a separate goal. Every part of your campaign should serve one of those two goals and that balance will shift with every campaign. 

How do I replicate this success?

Replicating success is what turns good marketers into amazing marketers. But how do you figure out the secret sauce that made one campaign succeed where another failed? Powerful analytics let you not only understand where and why one campaign failed, but with the right data, a good analytics program can predict a campaign's performance before it even goes out. 

How do I improve?

You're amazing. You're targeting the right people, with the right message. You're balancing revenue growth with innovation. And you're doing it over and over again. What more could anyone ask? 

Well... you can always do better. Learning from your successes will not only help you repeat those successes you have; successful learning will help you avoid mistakes and make better, more informed decisions every day. 

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Amanda Wojtalik

Amanda Wojtalik

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