3 Steps for Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

There are many different strategies for measuring the value of your customers both individually and collectively. While collective measurements like Average Revenue Per Customer (ARPC) can offer you a holistic view of your entire customer base, it can often be misleading. ARPC can become significantly skewed by the presence of a few big-spenders.

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If Marketers Had an NFL Preseason


The best marketing plans are a combination of data, customer insight, lessons from the past and educated guesses about the future. But what if, instead of planning, we could enjoy the benefits of a preseason like NFL teams? So I raised the hypothetical with our CEO Mike Caccavale, who like most of us in the Boston office, is a big Patriots fan. Here are some of his ideas.

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Losing but Still Winning: 3 Marketing Lessons from the Olympics

I freaking love the Olympics. I will watch the USA compete in just about anything. Gymnastics and swimming are personal favorites but I’ve seen everything from dressage, water polo, pistol shooting, sprinting, shot put, fencing… I could continue but I think you’re getting it.

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Catch ‘Em All

Few of us have managed to escape the Pokémon GO craze unscathed. Whether trying to walk around players on the sidewalk or trying to pry the phone out of a loved one’s hand to have a meal, the game has taken root in the corners – or center – of our lives. As marketers, we can’t help but salivate at the idea of jumping on board of the latest trend. But is it really the best move for all of us? And if you do participate, how do you make it work best for you?

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More of the Same Can be a Great Thing


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Measure Twice, Cut Once: 15 Years of Client Service

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." - Walt Disney

Pluris Marketing celebrated its 15-year anniversary earlier this year and CEO and founder Michael Caccavale is the first to admit it’s been an awesome journey. Meeting clients’ needs has always required strong leadership, and a keen eye for what’s on trend, and what’s coming next. So I sat down with Mike to take a trip down memory lane and to talk about what lies ahead.

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Real-time Interaction Management: An Intro

Today’s customers expect tailored, customized marketing messages. They expect you to know who they are and what they need, all without your company seeming “creepy” by knowing too much about them. Companies are turning to real-time interaction management to meet these demands and increase their conversions and sales as a result.

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Do Your Customers Know You’re Doing Omnichannel Marketing?

The biggest problem with omnichannel marketing is the gulf between how many marketers think they’re doing it and the number of consumers experiencing it. As consumer expectations continue to increase around the integration of technology in the shopping experience, is your omnichannel strategy getting attention for the right reasons?

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The Best Cross Channel Experience

We live in a multi-channel world. Consumers not only use more than one channel to make a purchase, they often use those channels simultaneously (checking online prices in stores, watching TV while browsing on their laptops) There are many factors that affect the quality of the cross channel experience. Externally, messaging, visuals, and functionality are all critical while internally marketers need to button up things like offer optimization, attribution modeling, and analytics.

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5 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask About Their Program Health

There are many questions we ask ourselves as marketers ever day. "Am I going to hit my numbers this quarter?" "Will the new campaign be a success?" "Whose sandwich is that in the fridge?" But when we're looking at the health of our programs, there are five key questions we should always ask ourselves. These five questions will help us prioritize our daily workload and maintain our competitive advantages. 

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